Accountability and School Improvement

Accountability and School Improvement

2017-2018 District Accountability Report

2016-2017 District Accountability Report

2015-2016 District Accountability Report

2014-2015 District Accountability Report

2013-2014 District Accountability Report​​

Accountability information for each school (and the district) including state achievement information on Nevada’s state-mandated assessments, student discipline and attendance, qualifications of teachers, graduation and dropout rates,fiscal data, and more can be found in our reports of accountability(often referred to as the “Nevada Report Card”).

The Nevada Legislature in 2003 passed legislation that requires improvement plans be developed/revised and implemented annually by schools, school districts, and the state.  Comprehensive plans of this nature take several years to implement and to demonstrate improvement in the targeted areas. The goals and actions steps within the plan must be prioritized, evaluated, and reviewed on a continuous improvement schedule.