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Digital Citizenship

The following links are suggested sites that you can use as a parent/guardian to help teach and guide your students about being appropriate, safe, respectful and responsible when online.

  Think before you link  On Guard PDF  On Guard Video

Carson City School District Adopted Digital Citizenship Curriculum

  Digital Passport  Digital Compass High School - Digital Bytes

Digital Resources


 KhanHooda Math Math-Play Cool Math Games Math Goodies Math Moves U Pre-Algebra - Geometry Lessons and Help 
Math and Reading Game Arcade

Middle School Math Tutor Interactive Math and Thinking Activities 
Math - Games, Videos, WorksheetsFree Worksheets, Games, and Quizes

Interactive Math and Language Arts Games   Multi- Subject Question Bank   Math Games and Activities  

Math lesson Videos English and Spanish Math Homework Help Secondary                         


Storybird   Text to Speech       


National Geographic      Virtual Science Labs     Interactive Physics Simulations      Virtual Science Labs
 Geography and Geology Maps and Images   Dynamic Periodic Table

Social Studies

Prezi      Learn Zillion      Discovering Egypt      Geography Quiz and Knowledge      Middle School History

Pixlr  Smart Express 

English Language Learners

Rosetta Stone

Discovering Ancient Egypt Geography Quiz & Study Resource Kids and Teacher History Site National Geographic Online Labs Interactive Science and Math Simulations Virtual Science Labs Maps, Media, Climate, Ecosystems and Environment Dynamic Periodic Table Digital Passport Digital Compass Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone On Guard Video High School - Digiatal Bytes High School - Digital Bytes