Mr. Patrick Flynn

Hello My Name Is...

‚ÄčMr. Patrick Flynn


Welcome to Kindergarten with Mr. Flynn! I am thrilled to be your teacher and to introduce you to the adventure of school. I do not take this task lightly. You will learn all sorts of things this year, but none will be as important as the lessons on how to be a friend, how to identify feelings, and how to control our emotions. We will abide by the class theme of "Being Brave." Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes. For some it is how to introduce ourselves to new friends or speaking in front of class. For others it may be standing up for ourselves, trying new foods or touching worms. I think you will love being a part of our team of SuperFriends. Our class is a safe and challenging place to use your imagination, try new things and have fun learning. I'm glad you're here.